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Our precious Miller was killed in a plane crash during his last months of graduate school at UTSI. His graduate degree would have been in Aviation Systems. Miller had taken a brief summer job north of Phoenix as a glider instructor while he waited for the Hobbs, N.M. World Class National Soaring competition. He had driven out to Arizona all by himself towing his glider in its trailer. Miller was staying with a fellow glider pilot and friend who lived full time in the area. He had only been working at the glider port for about 10 days when he died. Miller was a week away from turning 25 yrs old. On this website, Miller had made this rather thrown-together index page in scraps of time. It had links to various friends and links to photos of things he enjoyed. Some of those links no longer work but I am leaving it below 'as is'. After he died in the plane crash, his instructors, fellow students and staff members put together a wonderful scrapbook about Miller's days at UTSI (Univ. of TN Space Institute). We have scanned the pages and put them on this website. Lundy Wilder ....Scrapbook of  Miller

in the fog atop belmont castle in central park
( This was a photo of Miller taken in NYC in winter when he was visiting his dear friend, fellow glider pilot Richard Kaleta. Miller must have liked it as he put it here)

Miller's Mooney

Since the beginning when Al Gore invented the Internet it has been a place for information and understanding. This website is dedicated to dissemination of psudouseful information. Any and everything, which I feel is important enough for web space is listed here on the site. There are many interior pages, which have content beyond the scope of normal sites. Since I am not bothered by relevance and not controlled by intolerance we will be free to delve into whatever is necessary to make your web experience more enjoyable. On occasion we will have learning info and on other occasions we will have pure fun and entertainment. The web is a beautiful place in the regard that any subject within reason can and will be expressed for all who are privileged enough to have internet connection to enjoy. I hope you have time to look through all the pages and see all of what I have had the time to experience and document. Spelling is not exactly my strongest attribute so any and all spelling will be considered artistic license and will and should not be reprimanded.

If you are looking for the EAA 17 website you are almost there, click EAA chapter 17, Knoxville,TNlink. The eaa is the club who work together to introduce new concepts in aviation. We build and modify aircraft for flight exploration.

Bermuda High Soaring Hosts the World Class Region 5 Sailplane Races
World Class Glider Race 2004 The races were held in the beautiful south carolina tree farming region. There are peach orchards, pine forests, hardwood stands and some feilds with livestock. south carolina has some biker festival which happens in the may time frame.

if you are looking for rachel's site:
long overdue: miss rachel meason
inspired by the World News Weekly.

blog i made while i was at the test pilot school a few semesters ago:
flight testing of the helicopter is actually qiute interesting. We used stability and control evaluations to be the primary focus for this perticular blog. There are many misspellings and some of the information might be made up. but none the less, the pictures are good and a good time was had by all.

if you are looking for The Village site:
beach condo for family vacationsor sportsmans paradise in alabamathese sites are here. made to help people find the prefered beach location. These beaches have some of the best sand and cleanest water. Wildlife are abundant in the lower alabama region. there is excellent boating and otehr forms of entertainment. Golf and diving, sailing and gliding.

if you are looking for the condo update pages
Village condo update page This page is for the people of the village condo, this is the progress of the updating of the neighborhood.

aligators live and powerful in the lake shelby area of gulf shores albama Aligator home page Real aligators. The dudes were seen one time when me and dan were out on the highway and we saw these gators. They were killer, so we got some documentation. It is possible they might have wanted to wrestle. Aligator page from another server can be is the other one is acting up or has changed.

Lacey Robison is the leader of her own little world:
The Opressed Peoples of Lacerundisclosed friend of mine has created a country for the jenifer goverment stuff. fun little tribute to the land of lacer.

Child seats can be Hazardous and can Kill Children
It is not just pointy things which are Hazardous The university of tennessee space institute in tullahoma has some vested intrest in saftey, couse many of the peple here have children or know some one with children. This children dilema can be soved by many of the avaliable child saftey seats. children can be restrained and will remain in the vehicle even till the last impact. insert one today.

resume online for those who need to fill a jobby job
resume with green text

if you are looking for old airplane site:
greased lightning in the skyfrom the utsi student web server which hosts our airplane club. our glider club. our soccer club, our artronomy and rocket clubs. etc's web server. ie. catchall

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