Miller Wilder--Spring 2003-Spring 2004
Scrapbook of His Time at
The University of Tennessee Space Institute

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Miller had a knack for sharing the most unusual information:

He once came by to discuss his time in Louisiana. He told us about a breed of dog down there called the Catahoula Leopard Dog. The name alone was somewhat humorous, as was Miller's story. The details slip my mind now, but I do remember how he always seemed to put such flair in his storytelling.

As it turns out, this dog is the State Dog of Louisiana. I learned SOmething new that day, which was usually the case whenever Miller stopped by with one of his tales.

UTSI Business Office


One day, while leaving from work, several UTSI employees had stopped to check on a dog that had been lying in the woods by a log for several days. We started out to save the day. We stood there trying to decide if the dog was injured, lost, or abandoned. Miller, with other students, drove up and joined the troop of rescuers. Miller was determined to get a picture to put in the newspaper. Most were afraid of getting bitten by the dog. Someone made the comment that because the dog was not wagging his tail, we should leave him alone. It was at the moment the dog decided we were in his territory and told us so by growling and barking. We all couldn't get to our cars fast enough. The dog still roams the campus today.

Vicky Carr
UTSI Business Office