Miller Wilder--Spring 2003-Spring 2004
Scrapbook of His Time at
The University of Tennessee Space Institute

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Geocache at the water treatment plant

While Geocaching in Memphis during the AIAA conference, Miller and another student, Kevin, went to a water treatment plant where they thought there was a survey marker. The facility was gated with razor wire on time, at the entrace gate there was a camera and an intercom. Miller pushed the button and was able to talk his way into the plant by throwing around words such as geophysical society and survey marker. It wasn't until about 30 minutes later, when someone was leaving work, did the 2 students get noticed aimlessly wondering around the grounds of this secured facility. They weren't able to find the marker inside the gates but they had a great story to tell. The two of them joked around that no terrorist could have ever come up with that story, or had been as convincing. Miller had the ability to talk his way into or out of any situation.