University of Tennessee Space Institute Memorial Scrapbook

After Miller's untimely death, right before his graduate school graduation, the staff, students and faculty of UTSI,
Univ. of TN Space Institute, had a memorial picnic and presented us with this wonderful scrapbook that
they had put together for us. We have scanned the pages of the scrapbook and added them to Miller's original website. ...Click these images.

Scrapbook Cover

Note of thanks to the people who made this scrapbook:
A thank you note from miller's dad
for recognizing such a truly unique soul, i want to thank all of you. i am touched by your admiration. i miss miller more than few could begin to understand. it's times like these, such as reading your sincere recollections of miller, that i soar knowing that i had the privilege to be his pop(his name for me). in the 24 years of his life, i logged a ton of "miller time". everyday i remember another chapter. the most significant impact that miller had on me was how he taught me how to "play". we seldom missed an opportunity to totally enjoy the moment. i am proud and pleased that he touched so many in such a special way. Harry Wilder

Miller's mom, Lundy also thanks all the dear friends of Miller who so lovingly put together this wonderful tribute album. We knew how much we enjoyed Miller, and it is so kind of the participants to let us see how he touched other's lives. I would not have even been able to put this scrapbook online were it not for Miller and all he taught me. What a kid ! What a loss !