fast as greased lightning

n777lhout.jpeg (26288 bytes)


brown and beautiful
looking fast sitting still

this airplane just joined an elite fleet of aircraft whose purpose is to get good people from one place to another quickly. like all aircraft, this mooney makes lots of airplane noise. if you like noise... the mooney suzuki make sure you have your speakers on and your neighbors are not home.
the mooney aircraft was built in 1965 in texas, a republic of the USA. Built by old german women, you know the mooney is good. it might even be the master plane.mooney manufacturer. the interior is quite brown, so check her out:

 n777lhin.jpeg (22899 bytes)

but if you really want to know what it is like to drive the power, take a glance at the panel.

the idea is to eventually integrate a gps into the radio stack, but currently the loran is sufficient. n777lhpanel.jpeg (27053 bytes)

so if you see this one in the sky, take a look couse she will be going... going... gone.

this little bird loves the beach. going to and from the sandy shores of alabama is what she lives for. if you too would like to come visit alabama beaches, reserve a condo, and come on.

the prefered airport is jack edwards, in gulf shores. AL-15 or KJKA depending on your gps or loran database.