Miller Wilder--Spring 2003-Spring 2004
Scrapbook of His Time at
The University of Tennessee Space Institute

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Squirrel story

The Squirrel Story

We work in the business office and wish to share our favorite "Miller" story.

Whether Miller was in the office making a dorm rent payment, or just "stopping by to say Hello", he always had either a funny story or a joke to tell. The stories were usually one of his latest adventures, or something he was getting ready to do. But he also liked to pull jokes. The squirrel story, as we call it, was one such joke.

Back in April, of this year, Miller came into the Business Office, in his usual jovial mood, beaming like the Cheshire Cat. He was dressed in a pair of those big legged jeans he liked to wear...with all the shreds and threads.

He excitedly asked us if we had seen that poor dead squirrel out there hanging on the sign? (motioning to the back part of the building). He was referring to one of the signs that marked the road going to the student center, which was in the back of our wing - "C" wing.

He said this flying squirrel had died trying to fly out of the tree, had hit the sign and was just hanging there.

We went to a window trying to see if we could see what he was talking about, but had to go outside instead. We all went outside to check in out, and sure enough...there was this poor dead squirrel draped over the top of the sign, that reads, "NO PARKING This side of the Street."

Our first reaction was misbelieve that the squirrel could have actually hit the sign in such a way that it would have died. While we felt sorry for the poor thing, there didn't seem to be any way that this could have happened, and told Miller so.