Miller Wilder--Spring 2003-Spring 2004
Scrapbook of His Time at
The University of Tennessee Space Institute

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Squirrel Story Part 2

Miller then laughingly confessed that the squirrel had been run over and was in the road and had put it up on the sign himself.

He had gotten us! We all had a good laugh!

He emailed a picture of the "dead squirrel on the sign" to Ms. Judy Rudder (in the HR dept.) with a note, "here she is, parking in a no parking zone no doubt."

Miller was a practical, but sincerely happy fellow, who left a trail of smiles and laughter in his wake. We were very fond of this young man and will miss him very much.

Codially submitted by,

Robin Nee and Vicki Carr
UTSI Business Office
June 24, 2004