World Class Regional Contest at Bermuda High Soaring 2004

some gliders on the grid at the bermuda high runway
World Class giders are all PW-5 SMYK gliders. Some are made in one factory and others in other factories. Currently they are built in Bielsko Poland. They are often transported by trailer.
This is the second year for this regional to exist. It has become somewhat of a tradition for this contest to take place between school semesters to allow the students and those who work in higher education to be able to get away from work to spend the week competeing out in the glider. Weather for the contest at bermuda high can be found using a few sources on the internet. Aopa weather is quite good and reasonably accurate. this weather service is for AOPA members. it might be worth joining for this one. Also intellicast gives weather, but i prefer the AOPA. Weather gived broad general infgormation. they often have the computer models of what is gong to be the next days or so.
Dr. Jack blipmaps are exceptionally good. these can be viewed from dr jack's web site. At this time they are free, but if you enjoy their use, please donate tothe cuase.
Many of the contest pilots will use the gps data logger flight recorders. these units record the flight in little position reports. the string of data can be reduced into the flight and displayed ina a various number or ways. the pov ray rendering is one of my favorites for sure. Using the flight information from the gpslogger you can compare the flights with those flights of other pilots.
winscore if a freely avaliable program for the administration of soaring contests.

Daily Contest Reports with Photos

day one can be Contest Day one
day two can be Contest Day two
day three can be Contest Day three
day four can be Contest Day four
day five