Contest day Five at Bermuda High Soaring

Day five begins with sunshine. Not like the days previously with fog until almost nine or ten. This morning there was sun, peeping through just after dawn. The sandy soil has drained off most of the water and the ground is beginning to dry out. The wind is not too strong, and the forcast is for only slight chance of rain.

Daily Featured Pilot: Frank Reid

Frank keeps the grounds looking excellent by taking time out for gardening ground control to major tom tree farmer frank
From the best i can tell, Frank Reid is a mathematical professor and a flight instructor ontrepeneur. He lives with his wife Jane in South Carolina near the Bermuda High Gliderport. Frank is often seen with sunblock and other types of antisolar protectorant. Frank also is the task advisor to the contest director. He knows the neighborhood best of all probably. Frank sports the 86 on the glider tail. Frank is often seen pacing around the launching area. he waits until the very last minute to climb into the glider. Frank works the lawns and gardens out at the airfeild. Frank is in a war with the ants. He is winning, mostly. Frank has some dogs too.