Contest day Three at Bermuda High

the whole task area is getting soaked right now

Rain in the Task Area

day three is a day of rain. the rain began on the field just before the pilot meeting at about 10 am. The weather report from harry senn gave us a good posibility of rain and thunderstorms. Contest director Charlie Sprat gave the task information. The task was to be an assigned speed task, from kirk to pageland and back to bermuda high. We all sat around the airport lookin at the weather and whatnot, patiently hoping that the sky would clear and the sun come back out. Four o'clock in the evening, after it was decided that if we did try to fly, we would only be shot down becouse the sunset and it was too late to start a task.
eyes to the sky pilot man
Long hours were spent gazing and analyzing the clouds and the formations. Somethimes there was hope of flying and other times it was just so rainy we knew the day would be rained out. The weather finally got good and we decided to play some baseball. We did not have a bat, and we used a tennis ball. Fun was had by all. Some of the foriegn nationals had never actually played baseball at all.

GPS Flight Recorder Calibrations

The team from Vermont came armed with a barograph calibration chamber. The Sealed container can be pumped up to really high pressure altitudes. The altimiter inside gives the altitude and is calibrated. GPS and electronic flight recorders must have their batteries also inside the container. Some flight recorders require motion to initiate a flight log.
bonified calibration man required to operate equipment
if you fly for a badge or record, your barograph should be calibrated recently.