World Class Soaring Contest Day Two

Today is day two. we have had some good flights yesterday, but today will be exciting as well. The weather is forcasted by Meterologist Harry Senn. Harry is the premiere soaring contest weather man. he has been weather man for the US army in the second world war and continues today to love to follow the weather. The report is clouds which will be low, the air is quite moist and there is alot of cirrus up above the task area. There are large holes in the coulds, these blue holes can shoot down gliders. The task is not too long. It turns out to be an assigned task over to the Kirk Airbase, up to Pageland airport, and back to the Bermuda High Gliderport.

Kirk Airbase (T73)

The Kirk Airbase is a place where you can learn to fly both power aircraft and seaplane float aircraft. Jimmy Kirk runs the Airbase and it is easily visible on the gorund by its three finger lake. The first pilot who reported in was landing there at the kirk asirbase. Frank Reid lost his lift and landed there at the runway.

Pageland Airport.

The Pageland airport is a good little airport just north of the Bermuda high. this airport was quite downwind today, and there was not su much good lift over that airport for many of the glider pilots. Four Pilots were forced to land there at the pageland airport after making it around past the Kirk airbase. This distance to the pageland airport on the race cource is about 35 miles or so. The pilots at the Pageland airport elected to be retrieved by aero tow. The tow planes crank up and go to get the pilots one at a time.
gliders landing like a carrier group at the airport, photo by Conrad Seuchting
Back at the Bermuda High, Jane reid and Wes Chumley have landed back at home. Jane has com pleted the cource, but wess got chicken and came home early. After Wes refueled and checked with the weather he decided to Relight and take another stab at it. Wes leaves fairly late in the day and we are all wondering if he will be able to make it around before the sun gets too low to produce lift. Finally We hear Wess call on the radio, "Lima Golf four miles out". Wess has made it around the cource and is coming home. it is after six in the afternoon, and when we finally see him it is about fifteen after. Wess completed the task and made the day an official contest day. We are all proud of him for his valliant flight out and for his abilities to make it around the cource when most of the other pilots were unable to.

Gaggle of Gliders

seven of nine gliders in one group flying
Here you can see Seven of Nine gliders in one gaggle prior to the start. Sitting on the ground it is nice to see the gliders circling silently overhead.
pw5 gliders have a signature planform,  one of the most beautifulPW-5 World class glider as seen flying overhead.

Charlie Sprat Report

the official report of the contest can be found from the ssa web site and on this link.
The results from the contest day are posted online as well.
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